How to use Google Voice in the UK
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Not for the first time, I've received an official Google Voice invitation. Problem: I'm in the UK, where Google Voice's writ still doth not run. Is there a relatively painless solution that would enable me to run Google Voice in all its glory?

My related question is: are UK android phone users able to use Google Voice?
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I live in Canada and got a Skype account and attached a phone number to it. It's not very expensive but not free either. I have Google Voice redirect to the Skype number, which is then configured to call my Canadian cell phone number. Quality is decent most of the time, but there is a bit of latency.
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If you never have any business outside of the UK, then Google Voice is completely useless to you.

If you have any dealings with America, however, using globotomy's trick you can make an infinite number of calls to US numbers for free, provided you use your PC. Even if you don't, you can pay pennies if you have a land line that your Skype number forwards to.

Also worth noting: the transcribing feature doesn't fare so well with British accents.
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Without being able to add UK phone numbers to Google Voice, it's fairly useless, as the pain selling point is to be able to redirect calls as you please and call/text from a single number.
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thank you, all, for your input. I'll try to be patient and wait for Voice to be made more widely available.
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