What are your experiences with the Southwestern Company?
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I'm curious as to whether any MeFites have done the Southwestern Summer Program.

I did it three years ago and it definitely ranked as a top-five learning experience, but the month I lasted before quitting also ranks as a top-five worst month ever. On the other hand, some friends in my group made tens of thousands of dollars. I'm curious what experiences anyone here has had.
Side Question: If you didn't work for the company, have you bought the books yourself? How much did you end up using them?
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This is from the FAQ on the site:
They money doesn't come "easily" either -- the most successful students work 75+ hours every single week of the summer. Does it work? In 2003, the average first-time participant made just over $105 per day, or $2744 per month.
According to my calculations, that is $9.15 per hour. Beans.
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coolsara - your calculation is wrong - you're using the times from the most successful with the average earnings (you'd need to use the top earnings or the average times).

but i suspect they're defining "first-time participant" in some strange way, because i bet a lot of people drop out after earning very little, which would pull the average way down.
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From the parent FAQ:
The length of a “full summer” varies according to the university’s schedule, but approximately 7 out of 10 first year dealers stay at least 20 selling days.
I bet this is how they define a first time participant: those that last at least 20 days.

I've never done the program myself, but I heard a conversation where a girl was describing the program to a boy. He was pretty sold until he asked about housing. She hesitated, then said there was no housing but that they would knock on someone's door to ask to rent a room. She said she did pretty well, though she know people that were in the $10k/month range. She was awfully cute, though, and had an airhead manner which helped a lot, I think.
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