Packing my facebook bags prior to an extended absence
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Is there a relatively painless way to export or scrape my Facebook data?

Specifically, I'd like to export my friend lists and their contact info, copies of links and status updates, and the accompanying discussions.

I have access to a PC and a Mac.
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I use backupify to back up my facebook and twitter accounts. Works pretty flawlessly. It backs up my stuff once a week.
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Do you have an iPhone? You can sync your Facebook contacts with your iPhone and then sync them to your computer.
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This post describes how to do it in Yahoo (same thing stoneweaver referenced), and how to then import those into Gmail if you prefer.
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It doesn't get contact info but I just click on older posts a few times and print the whole thing to PDF using something like CutePDF.
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Response by poster: I'll try these out and report back, thanks!

Oh, and here's a link sent to me directly:
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Unless it has changed since I last looked at it, the Facebook iPhone app doesn't really sync your friends' contact info to your phone. It merely adds pictures and Facebook links to existing contacts. Worse, it uploads the entire contents of your address book to Facebook, regardless of whether or not your contacts are Facebook users. Please don't do this.
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Lifehacker had a post on how to do this just a few days ago.
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I haven't been able to get backupify to work, but I found another application, called "give me my data" I think, that's working for me.
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gingerbeer, mind posting that link?
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Think he's talking about this Facebook app - Give Me My Data.
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She. Yes.

Give Me My Data.
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Oops, sorry!
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Response by poster: Backupify does not allow you to export your entire archive with the free account. You've got to shell out $39.95/yr.

I'll try the rest and report back.
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Response by poster: When I try to reclaim my status updates with "Give Me My Data" I get:

"Either there is no data like that or there was an error. Feel free to try again."
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Response by poster: Ok, "Give Me My Data" worked, but it's fairly buggy.
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