What I need is a little more woop woop woop woop
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Help me find more songs with high pitched repetitive sounds or words tacked on at the end of the chorus, please!

Two of the only energetic songs I can listen to over and over again are Paul Simon's I Know What I Know and Joel Plaskett's Fashionable People - as soon as I heard Fashionable People, I related it back to the Paul Simon song and realized that I love them because of the high pitched (compared to the rest of the song) "woop woop woop, etc." and "fashionable fashionable, etc." in each of 'em tacked on to the end of the chorus.

What I would love to know is this:
1. Is there a musical term for this high pitched repetitive end to the chorus?
and 2. Please, please - can anyone recommend any other songs like these?
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Check out OK GO.
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Steve Miller's Take the Money and Run has some well-placed whoo-whoos.
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Midnight Train to Georgia? WOO WOO!
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Best answer: YACHT's Psychic City has an ai-ai-ai that might work for you - I love 'I Know What I Know' too, and this isn't as high-pitched, but worth a shot.
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Best answer: Pop pop pop musik! Pop pop pop musik!

Pop Musik - M
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The Rosebuds - The Lovers' Rights
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Best answer: When the "Woo woo woo" parts of the Paul Simon came up I immediately thought of Jimmy the Exploder by the White Stripes. He does a very similar thing in this song and it's my favorite part of the song.
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Showing my age: "Western Union", Five Americans (1967)
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much - adding on for anyone else searching for this, I found another one: Hawksley Workman "Not Your Parents' Music" - for free on his website right now.
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