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I want my 100.3! What happened to Y100, the Philadelphia radio station? Yesterday morning Preston and Steve were playing rock, today the station has new DJs and has changed to a hip hop/rap format.

Their website, which was huge, now just has the dreaded message "under construction" on it. Anyone know if the original station is setting up shop somewhere else? Admittedly, it wasn't the greatest station in the world, seeing as how everything they played was by Maroon 5 or Jimmy Eat World or Nickelback, but I like familiarity and upbeat nonsense while driving to work, and the morning people were really fun. Is there anything else out there even remotely like it? All I can find are stations that play rock from the '70s, and country western stations, and stations like Kiss or B101, that play songs by Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton. I also won't do WMMR or WYSP or WMGK or WIOQ. Help!

While I'm at it, about 6 months ago I found a really eclectic station that played all college and indie stuff, Philly area. Anyone know of any stations like that?
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They changed formats, and the staff got sacked. There have been stories about it in the paper (Inky) for a couple days. Here's a link (reg reqd or bugmenot) to a story about Y100.
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On post, it is a little more than a format change, but you can read the article and figure that out.
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Daily News article.

Philly-area radio stations (not too terribly outdated.)
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Oh no! This just happened to 99.1 HFS out of Baltimore about 2 months ago. Went from one of the original "alternative" stations in the country to Spanish Radio. Their corporate parent (Clear Channel?) thought they'd get better ad dollars based on the area demographic.

We'll have just one radio station after a while, and it'll only play 5 minutes of music amongst the commercials.
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iconomy, what's the eclectic station you're referring to from 6 months ago?
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Try 88.5 WXPN. Sounds like it may have been the station you tuned in 6 months ago.
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It's happening in lots of markets. Citadel just did something similar here in Albuquerque with 103.3, which had been The Edge. The first couple of weeks the new station KDRF, also known as FRED FM played next to no commercials and had no DJ staff. They still have no DJs, but they are playing a few commericials.

It's a very broad mix of songs which, while not always the kinds of things I would choose to listen to, are at least entertaining enough to keep me from changing the station. And I'm all for avoiding inane DJ chatter.
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Reminds me of back in 1997 when we had a kick-ass alternative station... then one day I tuned in and they were piping out Michael Bolton. It was Clear Channel, and they were trying to pioneer a soft format perfect for waiting rooms and offices.
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Shit.. In Miami, they changed our ONLY rock station into yet ANOTHER spanish music station...

Luckily, some other station saw the light and changed our only dance station into a rock station a day later.

End result, another spanish station in a city already overloaded with them.

On Preview: Of course, this was Clear Channel as well.
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This happens all the time, more so in recent years for rock stations, as the format has been unable to keep a consistent audience as genres fragment and evolve. It hits home when a station you like disappears. A company like Clear Channel can't justify the cost of a 1.0 Arbitron rating for rock, so pfft! away it goes.

Slightly off topic: the homogenization of FM radio, of course, is strong justification for the business models of satellite radio. New York City has one (bland) classic rock station and one (tiring) modern rock station. I gave up years ago; I now flip on XM and leave it at that.
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When I lived in Philly the eclectic stations were 88.5 (Penn's commercial station), 91.7 (drexel's student station) and 103.3 (Princeton's student station).
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WHFS 99.1 is owned by Infinity Broadcasting (they own several stations in the Washington DC/Baltimore market; and in several other markets too I think), not Clear Channel.
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Clear Channel struck again in Orlando, too. 100.3 FM went from "oldies" from the 1960s and 1970s to - what else? - Spanish radio. Happened at noon earlier this month with no warning. One minute it's Billy Joel and the next it's salsa. Ole!
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Thanks for the links to the news articles - I swear I googled! I couldn't find a thing. Boy this really bums me out. ssf, sorry I didn't make myself more clear, I meant to say that I found a great station, and lost it again, and did anyone know what it could possibly be. I think Otis found it, or if not, WXPN looks like a station I might really enjoy listening to. Thanks, everyone.
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XPN is great. I'm going there for a jazz concert tonight.
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another vote for WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM), although not in the mornings.
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And if those other stations are too mainstream, or you like dead air a lot, and you live within about fifteen miles of the Blue Belt/95 intersection, tune in to 110 watt WSRN FM, 91.5 Swarthmore.
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A step left of topic: Where is my old friend Matt Cord these days? (I seem to remember Y 100, but is that his most recent gig?)
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More info here - they've set up a live360 station:

Sign a petition here: y-100 petition

Some fans are fighting back here.

It sucks losing a good station.
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As a former Philadelphian, this depresses me quite a bit. Remember WDRE 103.9? Man, those were the days.
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