Quark diacritical marks
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Anybody have a good list of Quark characters with diacritical marks that would include such specialized items as an o with a line over it and an r with a hacek (as in "Dvořak")?
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Does this help? It doesn't have the hacek, you must know the keystroke since you just typed it for your post, right? It should be the same in Quark.
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This is a great resource, but it only deals with HTML ampersand entities. Inquiring minds may want to know that ō is the o with a line over it, the o-macron, and ř is the code for an r-hacek. (And don't forget that Dvořák has an a-acute, too, which is á.)
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Click on the PDF here called European Accented Characters

(some things aren't supported, so you might be out of luck. I think Quark Passport supports more special characters than regular--i can check monday at work if you want--email me.)
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there's also PopChar, which is handy if you use foreign or weird characters often. It sits in the top corner of the menubar.
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