Let's Do The Timeline Again
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Is there software or a web app that will help me design or customize a snazzy-looking timeline? Bonus points for formats that are specifically made to be blog-friendly.

I see a few online but figured I should ask here to see if anyone has any recommendations. I saw this question, but my needs are less organizational and more presentational, which is why appearance is everything. For example, the one selected as best answer here is pretty sprawling and ugly IMO. Maybe there's something newer available?

I'm on a PC. Thanks!
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Here's one and here's another one.
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It would help if you link to something that you find pleasing.
Also, do you have access to Illustrator?
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Response by poster: I don't have Illustrator but I do have Photoshop CS4.

If I see anything that looks exactly like what I want, I'll link it. In my case I want to build a historical timeline (as opposed to personal) but I like the colorful, easy-on-the-eyes design that a lot of the personal ones are using. Collapsible entries might be nice so I could add "more inside" if I want to.
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I've always thought Similie's Timeline was pretty cool.
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Collapsible entries might be nice so I could add "more inside" if I want to.

Sounds like you're looking for an actively coded widget (or flash thing), versus a still image. This might get trickier.
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Response by poster: I would love one if it's out there (and the linked examples are intriguing) but I'm also fine with a static image.
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Here are some posts about timelines on Lifehacker.
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There's a Timeline module for Drupal that lets you arrange notes with Date fields attached to them in a timeline fashion using using JavaScript to do the rendering and fanciness.

If this is for online content a set-up like this will be a lot more robust than one-off solutions if you are comfortable with doing the installation.
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I've used TimeRime with moderate success. Its somewhat flexible. You can create it online then embed it anywhere. It has some quirks I'm not crazy about, but its pretty easy to use.
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