Exchanging Dollars For Euros For Vacation
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My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe in September. I understand the EURO has decreased significantly in value. Would a member know a USA Bank or agency to contact to exchange dollars for EUROs this month I would like to take advantage of the dollars strength?
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My local branch of Bank of America does currency exchange.
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We went to a big branch of our bank (Wells Fargo) to get some pounds before we went to England earlier this year. A branch of a national bank will likely be able to handle this exchange without trouble, so call around.
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The big online services, XE or Oanda, usually have much better rates than the banks. I've used Oanda for years.
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I am guessing that the value of the euro's not going anywhere, unless it goes down. The state of the EU's economy is in shambles right now, so I'd hold off. As for buying euros, you may just want to go into your bank and ask, most will do it for you. You can also go to an international airport and buy them, but you will pay a service fee, usually not much at all.
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Just go to any major bank such as Bank of America etc, they should be able to help you out. Shop around for good rates if you have time.
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You need to be a Bank of America customer to use the dollars to foreign currency exchange service. It can take a few days for the currency to arrive, unless you go to a major urban branch that stocks foreign currency.
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Perhaps I'm betraying my ignorance here, but wouldn't literally any branch of any bank do this? Or is it not quite so easy to get hold of Euros in the US?
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Bank machines in Europe will take money out of your account in America, do the currency conversion (at market rate), tack on fees (ask your bank for more info), and give you euros.
You do have to be careful about the fees, but with a little preparation that can be minimized and, of course, the net result is convenience.
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Yes, nearly any bank would be able to exchange DOLLARS for Euros. But I too would wait and see.
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Continuing on the thread of From Bklyn, here's a compiled list of ATM/Credit Card fees for international use.
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