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Trying to compile a list of all 24-hour establishments in the Boston area.

Just for curiosity's sake; I'm really fascinated by 24-hour businesses, and they don't seem that common. Pretty much anything counts-- though I suspect most of the answers will be diners, convenience stores, etc., I'm happy to hear about your 24-hour dry cleaner, autobody shop, or knitting academy, too. The only things that don't count are 24-hour-reception hotels and ATMs because those are kind of gimmes. Looking forward to seeing what y'all come up with (and possibly visiting them!).
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Sami's Falafel cart on Longwood Ave by the hospitals. One of the best places to eat at 4am.
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and they don't seem to be common.

in MA. I've been spoiled by my time living in S. Florida and New York City.

That said, my middle of the night haunts tend to be the 24 hour CVS in Waltham, the Dunkin Donuts in Brighton on Market and N. Beacon and the 24hour Star Market in the Fenway.
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Walgreens in Central Square, East Boston. Shaws in Porter sq.
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The Shaw's/Star Market in Packard's Corner, Allston.
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OH man. I was in Cambridge for two months last year, and having lived in NYC for the past 5 years, my mind was BLOWN at the lack of 24 hour places. What do you mean there aren't five delis, bodegas, or diners I can go to right now? It's only, what, 2am...?

Market in the Square, Harvard Square
Gourmet Express Market and Deli, Porter Square.
Shaws, Porter Square.
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Other maybe-interesting gimmes:

- ERs
- Police Precincts / Patrol
- Roadside Assistance (Tow Trucks)
- Locksmith

Follow the gimmes all night, find the good spots.
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South Street Diner
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South Street Diner, Boston's greatest late-night eatery. (Warning: Loud Flash autoplay music.)

There's also a 24-hour IHOP in Brighton on Soldiers Field Road if you have a vehicle.
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Bova's Bakery! Where else can you get delicious, delicious 4am cannolis and fresh bread?! And the Porter Square Shaw's. I think the neighboring CVS may also be 24h, but it is possible I am making that up.
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The CVS on Beacon Hill, across from the T station.
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Are you sure about Sami's? I don't think it is there anymore. There's a cart on Francis Street, by the Brigham, is that the one?
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Hate to be pedantic but it's the CVS in Central that's 24 hour, not the Walgreens.
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Boston Bowl off of 93. You'd need a car (although the website claims you can call for shuttle service) and it occaisionally shows up on the police blotter but there you go.

There's a 24 hour CVS by Fresh Pond in Cambridge and there used to be a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts in Andrew Square. It's been years since I've been there, though.
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Boston 24 is a project to list all the 24-hour businesses in Boston, from Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub.
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The Shaws/Dunkin Donuts across the street from the Prudential Center is also open 24 hours.
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Are you sure about Sami's?

Bah, looks like the trolley is gone. Scratch this one.
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The Walgreens on Boylston across from the Pru.
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the dunkin donuts in magoun square (intersection of medford st and broadway) in somerville went 24hr a couple of years ago.
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The IHOP in Harvard Square is bizarrely 21-hour, but the ones in Revere and Brighton are both 24-hour.
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