Privia digital piano music transfer to laptop
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transfer music from Privia digital piano to laptop

Transferred via USB to my laptop (OS Windows 7.)

Laptop recognizes piano, file is CSR, cannot play back.

File conversion software? music software?

Any help welcome.

Thanks for reading.
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When I need to transfer a recording from my digital piano to my PC, I just run an 1/8" audio cable from the keyboard's headphone jack to my PC's microphone or line-in jack and record the piano's automatic playback.

(If you don't have recording software, Audacity is free and open-source, and pretty good for simple audio tasks.)
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CSR is a Casio-proprietary format that appears to be similar to MIDI, in that it represents notes as on/off with velocity (volume), etc.

But, unfortunately, it looks like people don't have much luck converting CSR to MIDI, which is a ubiquitous and much more useful format for playback.

Does your Privia have a MIDI output? If so, you can buy a MIDI-to-USB adapter and record the MIDI output to a sequencer.
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Response by poster: many thanks to both posters.
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