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My electric razor died, and I need a new one. Any good suggestions?
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Braun Syncro. It gets closer without abusing my skin. This is the one I have -- at an excellent price (it's a refurb).

The Panasonic ones are also reputed to be good.
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Actually, how did it die? Mine just died on monday, but the only problem were the batteries in it. If you're comfortable with a screwdriver, pull it apart and see what kind of batteries it has in it. Mine had a pair of rechargeable AA's which were easily replaced. The whole process didn't take long at all, and I didn't have to replace the entire thing, just a set of batteries. All that being said, wiring up the new batteries did involve a little electrical tape, but it was a pretty painless process. If you'd like to try that route, feel free to email me with any questions.

Because frankly, $5 for a new pair of batteries versus $50 for a new razor is worth a little effort in my opinion (not to mention avoiding a ton of waste if that sort of thing makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside).
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My husband was given this Braun for Christmas. It's definitely pricey, but he absolutely loves it. He especially likes that it cleans itself!
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I've always liked the Philips rotary headed shavers, but not everyone does.
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I second the Braun. Any of their models with the two heads and cutter in between should be fine. Skip the liquid cleaning kits, they are an expensive waste and can rust the blade. I have the same one as kindall and it works quite well.

Places like the Battery Barn sell replacement batteries and have a look-up by razor model number. (I have no experience with this outfit in particular.)
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In my experience, the electric razors utilizing foils and cutter (Braun, Panasonic) shave faster and follow the facial contours better while the rotary head shavers (Philips/Norelco) give a closer shave due to that lift-and-cut thing.

In either case, I'd recommend a model with self-cleaning (the Braun Syncro mentioned above) or one that allows you to wash it out under the faucet (higher end Norelco). It saves a lot of time over having to brush out all the hair.
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The Norelco "Advantage" line (link goes to the model I've been using for a couple years) are quite nice; the newer models are more expensive and go by the name "Cool Skin". Being able to shave in the shower is a huge plus, and the gel dispenser is quite nice if your skin is dry or easily irritated.
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Here's what I just did:

1. As with all shopping of expensive consumer products, go to epinions.com and read up on the models that seem right for your budget/needs. I double-check the reviews at amazon.com by going to the same product, and clicking, "read all reviews", then sorting by lowest rated to see who has complaints. I've learned my lessons over the years with this approach.
2. Go to eBay and see if anyone's selling it cheap. I just picked a nice Panasonic, got it for 25% of the new price. Works GREAT.
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When I used an electric I had a deep affection for the quite coolness of my Grundig Roltronic. However, I eventually switched to Panasonic wet/dry Linear shavers. I prefer to shave in the shower and these were ace. The Electric Shaver Page is nearly one of those Magnificent Obsession pages, and I consulted it many times.
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Norelco of any variety is what I used.

Then I tried a Gillette Mach 3. Maybe it's time for you to switch too? Perhaps this will convince you: Gillette has spent, conservatively, 10 BILLION DOLLARS on research to create a better razor.

They do shave awfully close.
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The cheaper the better ; I prefer 3 rotating heads as they covere more surface in less time, but a 2 head will do perfectly. The only luxury I'd buy is cordless, but only if it comes with replaceable rechargeable batteries, otherwise welcome $10 electric razor...if you find some very good cheap deal get some spare heads as well before they kick it out the market to force you into buying a whole new razor.

on preview ikkyu2: 10 billion monopoly dollars ? Wow that's a whole lotta not money !
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Pawnshops often have used electric razors, if you're looking for cheap.
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I've had a Norelco 5615 for a few years. Just bought new razors for it finally, so I guess I like it. And it's paid for itself in disposable razors by now. My beard isn't too thick or dense, though. YMMV. Read the reviews.
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