orbitz travel deal?
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I received an email from orbitz about getting a $100 flight coupon if I purchased a flight by a certain period of time (I think the end of this month). Well, stupid, I wasn't planning on taking a trip but now my brother is being shipped out and I'd like to visit him, but I trashed the email. It came this week, does anyone happen to have redemption code?
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I would contact Orbitz and explain the situation. I bet they'll give you a code.
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Hi Andrea, I just signed up for orbitz to see if they'd send me the coupon. I didn't get one but if you log into orbitz and click on "My Stuff" it'll list all your coupons and discounts. At least that's what it tells me when I click on that tab (though there's nothing actually in it)

Good luck.
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Yeah, I called orbitz but they said there were too many promotions and they weren't familiar with that one. And the My Stuff thing only works after you've redeemed a promotion, ie after I use the code to purchase this ticket, the next time I log in there will be a coupon waiting. I can try calling again, otherwise I will book straight through the airline and get extra miles.
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I checked my trash and I got some Orbitz stuff re: a privacy policy update but not that offer. Well, this Orbitz coupon page sounds dated (it's discussed in a 2002 article as an example of niche marketing), but it might also be worth a try, whatever your sexual orientation, because it claims to send you 3 web coupons, two of which include $100 discounts, if you provide your email. Good luck.
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