"La Novela del Indio, Tupinamba" in English?
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I've always wanted to read "La Novela del Indio, Tupinamba" by Eugenio Granell, but I would need an English translation. I've never found one. Is there such a thing?
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I just looked in WorldCat which lists holdings at a huge number of libraries worldwide and it would appear that the book has not been translated.
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Response by poster: I was afraid of that. I've paid translators in the past to produce English copies of short texts, but never an entire novel. I wonder if there are any such independent, unpublished projects out there. It's apparently pretty well celebrated. Who knows... :)
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It sounds interesting. I don't know any translators here. My grandfather translated Latin American stuff many years ago. I'm a librarian at a small state university and I was delighted to find one of my grandfather's books in the collection when I came here.

Maybe you should do another askme looking for translators!
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