Flyby image of a planet/moon
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Help me find this picture that was on APOD years ago

Some years ago, I found this absolutely wonderful picture (which might have been a frame of an animation/movie) of a probe flying pretty close to a planet or moon (probably Saturn). The view of the planet was from below and to the right (so the planet appeared to loom over the viewer) I think it was in black and white and had rather dramatic shadows.

I have spent about an hour sifting through APOD and have not found what I was looking for. A search on the JPL site was equally fruitless.

I am pretty sure that the picture itself was not featured as the astronomical picture of the day and that it was rather linked to in the explanatory text.

It can't be a post older than 2005 as I only learned of the site then.

Thanks for any pointers.
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A frame from this video, maybe?
posted by iconomy at 6:15 AM on June 2, 2010

Response by poster: The picture on that MSNBC page looks really close yet the video is not the right one, I am sure. The one I have in mind was much grainier and without an animated probe. It might even have been a series of raw images stitched together into an animated gif.
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Is it this animated GIF? (See Big Picture for more pictures and the background.)
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Response by poster: These are awesome. Yet they're not the ones I was thinking of. They were a slower progression and had at least one frame with the planet or moon really looming in the upper corner of the image.
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