How to mail sensitive electronics (e.g. RAM)?
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How to mail sensitive electronics (e.g. RAM)?

Whenever I buy sensitive electronics equipment, like RAM, it always comes packaged in electrostatic discharge protecting materials. I don’t have any of that stuff on hand, however, and I would like to safely mail some RAM. What is the best/safest way to do this?
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Go to a nearby computer store / repair place and ask for one of their discarded antistatic bags?
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Chain office supply stores usually have them as well.
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If you can't get your hands on an antistatic bag, tinfoil or the like is a reasonable substitute, other than the possibility of the foil flaking off and sticking to the card.
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The antistatic bag is necessary too, but don't forget your regular impacts. Make a sandwich of cardboard, bubble wrap, the RAM, bubble wrap, and cardboard. The cardboard spreads impact over a larger area, and the bubble wrap spreads impact over a longer time.
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