I need a special buckle
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Anyone know where I can find a five-point harness type buckle? the kind you find on a high chair or such?

I found a whole-sale source but...$250 minimum order. Thank you. I love you guys!
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Something like this? (Well, I mean, you could cannibalize the buckle from that.)
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Since lots of baby apparatus (high-chairs, as you note; car seats; bouncy chairs; some strollers) employs five-point harnesses, why not just try to pick up a used baby something-or-other on the cheap from Craigslist, and cannibalize the buckle from that? Car seats, in particular, pass out of legal usage range after 6 years, but the buckle parts should still be in working order-- might be able to get a super deal for one of those.
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Response by poster: Yes cabingirl!... but ouch on the $35 Likewise on the canninalizing Bardolph, both ideas are tempting, but I keep thinking there's gotta be a $5 part out there that may be known to some far corner of the hive mind. Thanks!
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How about this replacement highchair strap? If four points will do the trick, various toddler leash/harness thingamabobs will provide the part.
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Googling for replacement harness or replacement child seat harness and other variations produces a lot of indications that various manufacturers sell the harness as a replacement. Perhaps establish a more realistic budget (you'll never get a new one for $5, that's for sure) and try that path.

What is the application? Is this the only option you consider usable?
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