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Please help me identify the make / model and place to buy this shower component.

This morning the metal casing around the rubber tube that connects at the base of the shower head gave out and a hole opened in the rubber tube. I need to replace this ASAP so Mrs. Jeffamaphone can shower. It's a rental, so I have no idea where it came from. I've e-mailed the landlord, but don't expect a reply right away (holiday weekend and all).

So, if anyone happens to know, that'd be great. Bonus points if you know where I can buy it. Double points if you know where I can buy just the tube-y part and shower head.
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On further investigation, I've discovered the tub part completely disconnects from everything. So really, I just need a new tube. Are they all the same? Is this something standard Home Despot will have lying around?
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And by "tub" I mean "tube".
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Is this something standard Home Despot will have lying around?

Pretty much, yep.
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So, I bought that $11 tube at Home Depot and it works and all, but it doesn't fit right in the holder, so we have to hold the shower head the entire time we use it now.

So I still need to know the right manufacturer / model so I can get the correct one.
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Just take the old one to the store and match it up.
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Well, I've been trying to do that, but Home Depot doesn't have it, and I haven't found an exact match anywhere on-line. I'm hoping someone will just know because they bought one, or they're a plumber, or have some sort of bathroom fixture fetish.
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Try this place.

I didn't look for the exact gizmo, but they have a lot of upscale plumbing fixtures.

Good luck!
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