How do I regain access to my Enhanced USB storage device?
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How can I repair / access an Integral/Courier 4GB USB memory stick? When I plug it in Windows 7 [Home Premium, 64bit] says the "Device needs to be reset before it can be used", then "Failed to reset the device to factory default".

I actually just want to format it. I've tried Ubuntu, but that failed to recognise the device at all.

It did have a password, which I tried to clear to blank, and it appeared to be happy with that, and now this error. Have I b0rk3d it?
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It may just be dead. They wear out and fail eventually and if it was poorly manufactured, its life may be extra short.
posted by chairface at 10:49 AM on May 29, 2010

It's a week old! :)

I just attempted to clear the password [which I set in a moment of "ooh, I've never set a password on an enhanced device before" stupidity, and right clicked to "change password", set it to nothing and now this...

Integral's site is "less than helpful". I went out yesterday and bought a Kingston drive, but *that's* not the the point. This one is annoying me now...
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