Vegetarian food near the Roundhouse
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I'm going to a gig tonight at the Roundhouse in London with some friends. We'd like to go somewhere to get some food beforehand and I'm wondering if any users here have any suggestions. Most of us are vegetarian and none of us have much money so ideally we'd want a cheap and cheerful little café or something. Anywhere within walking distance of the venue would be great. Thanks!
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Best answer: Marine Ices is very nice, and if memory serves it's no more than a couple of minutes walk from the Roundhouse at most— I went there after a gig. They're famous for their ice creams, but there's a restaurant too. My memory of the menu is hazy, but it was predominantly pizza and pasta so I'd imagine there'd be at least a few vegetarian options. The meal was nice — nothing astounding, but solidly good — and there was a comforting lack of fuss and pretence about the place, which my friend and I appreciated given that it was pretty late and we were very hungry!
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Marine Ices is great and probably the closest half-decent place to the venue. Otherwise, get off the tube at Mornington Crescent or Camden and eat there and then walk up. You're pretty much spoiled for choice if you take this option - plenty of veggie-friendly good value cafés. Enjoy the show.
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Thirding Marine Ices. My wife's family have lived just round the corner for decades and have been eating the ice cream for all that time...

I also like Thann Binh for Vietnamese a bit further down Chalk Farm Road ( but I couldn't say whether it had many vegetarian options.
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