News on pacaya damage/spanish translation?
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Has anyone got information on the extent of the problems caused by volcano Pacaya in Guatemala erupting today ASAP, or would someone be prepared to look for articles on Spanish sites? I have friends there I can't get through to.
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It looks like one person (a television reporter) has died so far, and three children are missing. The airport's been closed and ash is all over the capital, and around 1600 people have been evacuated from villages close to Pacaya. Hope your friends are okay.
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I generally rely on global news sites, like the BBC, Reuters, and the AP to provide international coverage in English.
AP (Posted on a different site)
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You can also run entire URLs through Google Translate with relative success.
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You can also do a google translate search, if that helps.
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3 reported it's quite likely not many others are dead right?
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This article in La Prensa states that there are 2 confirmed dead now (also Professor Herbert Gamez) and 67 people with reported injuries. Three children missing.
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as much as i loathe to suggest it - twitter search is pretty useful.
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Actually if someone could confirm if the town of Antigua and surrounds is ok that help set my mind at rest.
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OK I found 2 twitters that said Antigua's ok so I feel a bit better about it. Would still be interested in any thoughts on the situation, but please don't read through loads of Spanish. Thanks a lot for the answers.
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Yeh, luckily I got to speak to a friend and my people are ok. No rush at all now, cheers.
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