How can I make my Wordpress blog [import] Delicious like Tumblr?
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Is there a plugin or other way to import bookmarks (and their excerpts, headline and tags) as individual blog entries into a hosted Wordpress installation?

I know Delicious offers you the functionality that you can do one daily post that combines and posts all your bookmarks from the day into one blog post, but I want individual entries for each Delicious post and for it to show up (relatively) immediately (not just once a day).

I also know there's a lot of widgets out there that you can post Delicious links into a sidebar, but I actually want them to feed into the Wordpress database and create new blog entries that have unique urls, can have comments on them, etc.

I love Tumblr's functionality that allows this and would like something similar. (I'm almost tempted to just move over to a Tumblr blog, but I'd prefer to host the site on my own domain and database, as I already have a ton of entries in the system).

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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You're probably looking for Postalicious. It's uber-configurable and you should be able to do exactly what you want.
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There's also SimplePie (with a very active/helpful mailing list).
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A popular option is to use delicious' own blog posting feature. An advantage of this (thought it may not be what you want) is that it lists all of your delicious posts for a day into a singe daily post. Speaking as a reader of many blogs, this is friendly on your readers. Here's a guide to how to get it working for a Wordpress blog.
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