Good photographic arts magazine?
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Any reccomendations for a good photography/arts magazine that has more than just drool over the latest lenses followed by 100 pages of ads?

My idea magazine would have a modern edgy sensibility, a bit of an AdBusters vibe, respect for digital, and a touch of film. This obviously rules out Popular Photography. It doesn't have to be 100% edgy Williamsburg-hipster, but not anything in the Popluar ____ line. Thanks!
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It's been decades since I subscribed to a photo magazine, but when I did, the three I subscribed to were American Photo, Aperture, and Darkroom Techniques. And I do mean decades ... as in 1985. So I can't say if they're still any good, relevant, or even still in circulation.
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I've always liked Colors Magazine. It's more about 'arts' than the specifics of photography, but every issue is full of great pictures.
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Airguitar - thanks for the lead, seems along the right lines. Their site seems to be having a massage, but what I could see looks good. Will sleep on it, maybe subscribe if their site works tomorrow.
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wasn't there a new photo magazine started just a month or two ago? somehow connected to the web? for some reason i remember seeing a comment on matt's site saying how he'd received his copy and it was smaller than expected. which is odd as i don't regularly read his site (and can't find the post looking through the archives).

20 (ouch!) years ago i used to get a magazine in the uk called "photography" which was pretty good (perhaps a bit arts/traditional), but it seems to have died.
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andrew cooke: maybe it was JPG Magazine?
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yep. thanks. (no idea if its any good)
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Check out Blind Spot. It may be what you are looking for.
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For fashion, W still has some great stuff.
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There are some decent online photography magazines. AK47 is pretty good. Other good ones include F-stop, {fire} and Blue Eyes Magazine.
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devildanced, by far the best photography magazine I've found for my purposes (which may not match yours) is Practical Photography out of the UK. There aren't nearly as many ads as in the US mags, and the focus is less on gorgeous shots than on amateurs getting out in the field and making photos. It's a great magazine, full of tips, projects, and articles appropriate for non-novice amateurs.

I love it.

Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to find in the US. I know that the Borders stores in the Portland area carry it, so I suspect all Borders would carry it.

I tried to find a web presence for Practical Photography, but had no luck. This is the closest I could find. I did find this photography weblog entry that discusses a recent issue. This page has a couple of short reviews.

I recommend Practical Photography without reservation.
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Of course, I may have just misinterpreted your question and the kind of magazine you're after. :)
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jdroth - pretty much what I was looking for, thanks! I live on the west coast so maybe I'll get lucky and find one at Borders!
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I like Big Magazine. It's not a photography magazine, but it has some great shots, usually.
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