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PianoFilter: Help me find somewhere to trade in my baby grand! [Sing us a song, you're the More Inside]

I'm in NYC and have a Chickering baby grand from the 1930s. The ivory has warped enough that it is almost unplayable, and its out of tune enough to annoy me, but is otherwise a lovely instrument. From what I've been told, it would cost just as much to replace the ivory keys with plastic and tune it as it would to replace the whole thing with a newer upright.

Does anyone know of a reputable dealer in the NYC area (I'm in the East Village, if that makes a difference) who can 1) let me know whether the previous statement is at all accurate and 2) come appraise the instrument and possibly let me trade it in for something more usable. I have no delusions of a career at Carnegie Hall, but I'd like to be able to rattle out the latest Keane single.
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The ivory may be the most valuable thing there, as I think it is illegal to import now.
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Steinway is all over NYC, and they have their headquarters in Long Island City. They have a feature on their website "find a dealer", so you could search and find some contacts to speak with. I know you don't have a Steinway, but maybe they could point you in the right direction? Could you also contact the Julliard keyboard (piano) department for someone to speak with? Most music lovers and pianists are keen to discuss anything regarding the beautiful instruments, and have such affinity towards pianos, that i'm sure they'd be most helpful and accommodating.
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