Park and Ride in the Suburbs of Paris?
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I'm looking for a safe/convenient/cheap place on the outskirts of Paris to park a car for a few days.

I'm going to be in Europe for a few weeks with a car, but I'd like to spend a few days downtown. My experiences in big cities with good public transportation lead me to believe that this is a decent idea, avoiding high costs and urban headaches. If someone has advice and/or directions about where I can park, that would be great. If someone has input about why this is a bad idea in Paris, I'd like to hear that too.
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Charles de Gaulle or Beauvais airports. I have had no experience of parking cars there but both are accessible, and should be safe and reasonably cheap. They both have fast (1hr +/-) direct and convenient links to the centre of Paris - Charles de Gaulle by train and Beauvais by bus. Saves parking in a suburb and following bus and train connections to the centre. Do not take your car into Paris whatever you do!
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I drove to Paris once a few years ago, found a place on a street in the 17ème and just left it for a few days. I didn't pay anything, no one messed with it. I suppose it helped that it was on le weekend. I wouldn't fancy driving into Paris at rush hour on a weekday.
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It depends where you're coming from with your car ?
and how long you will stay in Paris ?
If you stay in Paris your hotel may have a car park or a direction for a public car park,
The prices in a public car park ( un parking public ) for 24h is about 20 Euro.
Something else concerning Paris, it's maybe easier to go inside Paris leave your car for a few days than get lost in the suburb...
on this map you ll see Paris in the middle ( only 10 km from east to west ) and all the towns around .
About driving in Paris it depends if you're Italian or British ...
For some more help send me a mail,
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