Blogs Curating the Craft of Music Making?
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There are so many wonderful visual design websites/blogs where designers are discussing cool things that inspire them. What about music or audio design blogs that do the same thing?

I'm not talking about music review sites like Pitchfork or any of the indie music aggregator sites. I'm looking for websites where musicians are discussing the craft of music, similar to sites like I Love Typography or grain edit or ISO50 (which actually does sometimes discuss musical inspiration) or or even

I already visit places like Create Digital Music and Soul Sides. I loved Music Thing which is sadly no longer updated. In fact, Music Thing is almost the perfect format of what I'm looking for. Create Digital Music is good, but it's a little gear-review heavy and doesn't focus as much on "inspirational" content.

I'm not looking at any particular genre, either. Gearslutz is a great forum for in-depth gear advice and they've had some pretty amazing interviews with sound engineers and producers. But the website organization and UI are horrid and it's a forum, not a curated site.

I know there are lots of blogs about "what's goin' on" in the music scene these days. I think what I'm looking for is similar, but isn't focused on what's new or hip or whatever and is more into the actual craft of music making.
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Best answer: It's not about mainstream music, but rather a pretty serious vein of jazz, but DO THE MATH is a gloriously cool blog written by The Bad Plus.
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Response by poster: The Bad Plus is one of my favorite jazz groups ever! This is awesome. Thanks!
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There's The Marriage of a Dead Blog SING! from the perspective of a DJ.
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Actually, I've been wanting (but not yet looked) to find some "wonderful visual design websites/blogs". I'll start by checking out your examples, but if anyone wanted to post some as responses, I'll check them out too.

(Is it appropriate to hijack your question like this?)
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Check out tape op magazine, its dead tree format but subscriptions are free and ad supported. It's producer heavy with some gear stuff, but it has really good interviews with producers that gets into the creative side of things as well as the technical.
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I like reading moonmilk. It's a blog about sound sculpture and creating music. The instrument-a-day series where he puts together new instruments from everyday (or not so everyday) objects is really inspiring and fun.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I'll check those out. Moonmilk looks especially interesting.

I would love to hear of any others, but it seems this topic doesn't get as much attention in the world as graphic design.
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