Any good downhill runs for land paddling in SE Michigan)
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Land Paddling in SE Michigan looking for some good downhill runs. Clawson/Royal Oak area is like an MC Escher painting, all uphill all the time. Would like to do some good carving.
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Interesting.... I wasn't aware of this. Hudson Mills Park north of Dexter has a couple of nice 3 mile paved trails. Also some nice paved trails at Kensington Park (between Brighton and Novi).

but, knowing nothing about this sport, this might not be what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Can't remember what link posting rules are but if you google "land paddling" and look at the video results, 4th or 5th down is Xterra Adventures....... saw that on tv a month ago and having never set foot on a long board or skateboard in my life decided to try it out.

It works every muscle in your body and its quite fun.

Paved is a must so ill definitely be checking out those spots HuronBob. Thanks much.
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