Please help me realize my pinball dreams
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Pinball wizards help me find a modern version of a unique pinball computer game.

I recently acquired Pinball Hall of Fame, The Williams Collection for PS/3, and though it provides a set of different tables, I find myself looking for something different.

Way back I had an Atari ST, and I played a game called Starball, here is a link to a video of it in action.

Basically it combines in a unique way the game of Pinball and the game of space invaders, and the action is split over 3 different screens, each with its own set of paddles. I played this game for many hours.

While I have been able to find this game, it was public domain even way back then, and I have an emulator so I can run it, it definitively shows its age. Ideally I would love to find a modern version of it. I am pretty open to any current platform, console or os.

My google-fu turned up a connection to a game called Devils Crush on the PC back in 1990, that is somewhat similar, and might have been the inspiration for Starball. This game is actual available on the Wii network today, but its graphics has not been updated since its creation it seems.
The article claims its on PSN too, but I have been unable to find that version so far.

So what I would really love to find is a newer version of this game, with updated graphics and sound. I really loved the combination of multiple screens/paddles an the merger with space invaders. The pinball games I have found so far, have much superior physics, but are just simulations of physical pinball. Starball was a new take on Pinball that could not be easily implemented on a physical machine, so I think of it as "modern" pinball.

Hopefully there are some gamer enthusiasts out there willing to share their encyclopedic knowledge.
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It kind of reminds me of Flipnic.
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Well, allow me to be a giant Nintendo whore for a second and say that all of their character-based pinball games are pretty great. To wit:

Pokemon Pinball
Kirby's Pinball Land

Mario Pinball Land
Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire

Metroid Prime Pinball

Don't let unfamiliarity or aversion to the respective series stop you. These are all solid pinball video games that could not be done on a normal table.

Even Sega's Sonic Spinball (now available on anything that has a screen) is not without its charms.
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Oh, and since you brought up the Crush series, try Alien Crush Returns available on Wiiware and whose graphics HAVE been updated.
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