Wireless headphones under $40
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Recommendations for cheap wireless headphones? (Under $40) I've just destroyed my latest pair of headphones by tripping over the wire.

I'd prefer over the ear headphones (not earbuds). The headphones will be used for sitting at the computer and watching videos on it/playing games/listening to music. I'll be sitting right at the computer, so if there are any interference issues associated with that, I'd like to know. I'd also prefer stereo headphones.
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not wireless, but investigate the Sennheisers that have jack at both ends - these have saved me numerous times, the jack just gets pulled out - saving the headphones. More than $40 though.
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You're going to give up a lot of quality in your price range, but the Sony MDR-IF240RK are decent enough and the range is about 15-20 feet.
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Response by poster: It's okay. I've been using headphones I've bought for fifteen dollars, and been satisfied, except for wearing on the wiring. As long as it's about equal in quality to the ten dollar ones I've been destroying, it's okay with me. Range is also fairly unimportant, although I'm confused as to whether the infrared or the radio ones are better.
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I have the Sony that Hiker links to above. They get the job done. No interference that I've seen/heard. they are infrared, so most electronic noise from a PC wouldn't affect them, but it's definitely line-of-sight. As in, if my cat walks across the desk between my head and the headphone base, my sound cuts out.
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Especially if your computer has Bluetooth built into it, you may want to consider headphones that are Bluetooth with the A2DP profile.


If the computer doesn't have a Bluetooth module, it'll cost about $20 to get a USB one.
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Sorry, the the above is just a Google marketplace URL, and I should have wrapped it inside some HTML:

Google for bluetooth headphones.
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Response by poster: Hmm, my computer doesn't seem to have a bluetooth module, I'm afraid. So with a radio frequency one, there is sometimes interference from the computer?
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probably less from the computer (but possible) and more from any nearby cellphones
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