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just got an original gameboy and i'm wondering what the better music making cartridges/solutions might be. any ideas or suggestions? thanks!
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have you used it? i was just about to check it out...
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If you're looking to make music offline, try the Paragon 5 Gameboy Tracker. There are a bunch of other ones out there a quick google away, but I've used that one, and it was pretty good.
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Oh, and for making music on teh device, I have ncie things to say about Little Sound DJ, which a couple of my friends use.
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lsdj does look cool.
have to decide between it and nanoloop... and lsdj is looking like the more advanced composition tool...

any other ideas out there before i blow $100 bucks U.S.?
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I own an LSDJ cartridge, and it's a lot of fun! LSDJ lets you squeeze the most out of the gameboy's hardware, but nanoloop has a prettier (and I'm assuming more intuitive) interface. LSDJ is a tracker same as desktop software like ModPlug so if you have any experience with trackers it won't be hard to learn.

You can get LSDJ for a lot cheaper than nanoloop if you look around. People who sell rewritable gameboy cartridges will often flash a cartridge with the latest version of LSDJ if you prove you own a license for the ROM from the author of LSDJ (choose your own price, from $2 and up). There are a few vendors listed on that page; you should be able to get yourself set up for somewhere around $50.

If you're not sure, grab a gameboy emulator (e.g. KiGB) and download the demo ROM to get a feel for it. If you haven't used a tracker before, entering musical notes as 'code' does take some getting used to, and the controls feel much better on an actual Gameboy.

Have fun!
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hey, thanks for the help everybody!

emulator city, here i go...
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