Best Hair Dryers For Black Hair?
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What are some really good blow dryers for African American hair? I am on the market for a blow dryers that straightens really well with a comb attachment. The one I currently have, is okay but when I keep forgetting to ask what kind my stylist uses because that one seems to get it straighter and dryer. While t would be great if it is a model that is relatively travel friendly, I'm just looking for the best best hair dryer for black hair. Thanks!
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I keep forgetting to ask what kind my stylist uses

Call him or her right now. It's Saturday afternoon, prime time for salons. I bet he/she is working.
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I've always had good luck with Gold N Hot dryers, with the nozzle attachment, though I haven't bought a new one in years and see that the design has changed a bit. Mine was 1700 watts, and I see how that the 1875 is standard, and really under 1600 does little for my hair. Mine was a bit loud, though. Also I have a friend who swears by her ionic dryer. Also, here are two reviews.... consumer search and consumer reports...
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When I used blow dryers I always bought Belson Gold N Hot with a comb and brush attachment. 1600w was ok for my hair but if you have really tough hair 1875w might work better. Andis makes a ceramic dryer that works well. Conair never seemed to be a "serious" enough blow dryer for me.

If I were still using a blower I would try to learn to use a brush and a traditional style dryer. The heat is channeled and takes moisture out of your hair faster.

I have however since then switched to a flat iron. I actually always buy them from TJ Maxx. I've never even looked at the brand, I just make sure it has ceramic plates.
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