Looking for Eggselent Restaurants
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NYC restaurant filter: Looking for restaurants in the city which prominently feature egg dishes, or just have excellent egg-based dishes on the menu. Thanks!
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I can't personally attest to any restaurants with a lot of egg inspiration in their dishes, but I'm sure many of the foodies that hang around Yelp's message board could help you out.
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Norma's Zillion Dollar Frittata ($1,000) at Le Parker Meridien Hotel? They also serve various less expensive omelets and egg dishes. Pdf link to menu, and link to Zagat reviews.
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Wyle Dufresne's WD50 has a lot of amazing egg dishes. All hollondaise should be square!
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Miriam in Park Slope makes a delicious shakshuka!
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Well, the place doesn't feature eggs, but I stumbled across this Socca & Eggs dish from a place called Nizza on one of the blogs I read. I'll be attempting to recreate this at home shortly.
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Eggs Benedict: go to Blue Ribbon Bakery for the Blue Benedict with Serrano ham, Jarlsberg cheese, and tomato. The Smith and Jane both do interesting twists on eggs benedict, swapping out the English muffin for potato waffles, corn cakes, etc. or adding in additional proteins like crab or lobster. Even more unusual is Public’s treatment of poached eggs: on Greek yogurt with kirmizi biber butter. Delicious and quite a bit decadent! Locanda Verde does an excellent poached egg dish with a tomato hollandaise sauce, sausage hash, and spinach, but no carb component. Minetta Tavern kicks it up a notch further with poached eggs on potato latkes. Pricey at $22, but the lightest and least greasy potato pancakes I’ve ever had.

Omelets: I have enjoyed the oyster omelet at Morandi. I think Esca has a scrambled egg and oyster dish as well. I'm not a huge omelet person but the cheddar/apple one at Good Enough to Eat is good, as is are the ones at Popover Cafe (partial to the cranberry, bacon, cheddar one which is seasonal).

Other egg dishes: For a classic NY breakfast: eggs scrambled with smoked salmon at Barney Greengrass! I’ve also enjoyed eggs in a puff pastry at Nice Matin or the Goldie Lox at Sarabeth's. For a good breakfast sandwich, try Clinton Street Baking Company: their famous buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs, melted cheese, crispy bacon, and excellent house-made tomato jam. And how about the truffled egg toast at 'ino/'inoteca? The skillet eggs at Cookshop are also quite good if you like your eggs sunny side up. I believe they are local NY state eggs. I'm not a huge fan of the baked egg dishes at Five Points but other hounds like the baked eggs at Elizabeth and Nolita House. I also really enjoy the baked eggs at Locanda Verde: served with white beans and kale in a hearty tomato sauce.

Pulino's Bar and Pizzeria as well as Motorino offer pizzas with egg on top; I think Pulino's either has it on the menu or allows you to add an egg to the pizza, daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late dinner, whereas Motorino's I think is only for weekend brunch. Also, you can order the Good Morning Dog from Crif Dogs: a deep-fried (no batter) bacon-wrapped dog smothered with melted cheese & a fried egg.

Fancy: One of the signature Jean Georges dishes is egg caviar: creamy scrambled egg topped with cream and caviar, served in a hollowed out egg shell. Even more fancy is SHO Shaun Hergatt where they top a poached egg with gold leaf and caviar.

One of Momofuku Ko's signature dishes is a soft boiled egg served with soubise onions, sweet potato puree, hackleback caviar, potato chips, and herbs. Another signature Momofuku dish can be found at Momofuku Noodle Bar when asparagus is in season: asparagus served with a poached egg, served on top of miso butter. Momofuku Ssam Bar current offers a corned beef terrine with a "fried egg" sauce and a tea brined egg salad. They used to do a great chawan mushi in the fall but it's not on the menu any more but the Kyo Ya has a nice one.

The Bar Room at the Modern also offers Slow Poached Farm Egg “In a Jar” with Maine lobster, asparagus and sea urchin froth served in an actual jar. They also have steak tartare served with a quail egg. Fatty Crab offers quail egg shooters. The Spotted Pig serves a deep fried duck's egg on special. They have great deviled eggs as well (as do Blue Smoke, Prune, and Pegu Club, the latter being more of a bar than restaurant).

One of Babbo's signature dishes is a warm lamb’s tongue salad vinaigrette with chanterelles and a 3-minute egg. Oh, and both SD26 and Maialino offer egg ravioli dishes, where a soft cooked egg is the filling for the pasta. Casa Mono does a wonderful duck egg with mojama.

WD-50 does indeed serve a deconstructed egg's benedict with cubes of English muffin crumb-encrusted fried hollandaise sauce. Incredibly tasty! Dufresne also has another famous "egg" dish where carrot puree and coconut puree are stand-ins for the yolk and albumen (you may have seen it on Top Chef). He loves eggs!

Dessert-wise, it's not on the menu, but I think you can make a special request at Le Bernardin for Michael Laiskonis's "Egg" dessert.
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Thanks to everyone for their ideas, but wow, kathryn, that is just an amazing answer. Tremendous!
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The best scrambled eggs I've ever had in my life were at Kitchenette. I've been there many times (Uptown location only), and no matter how high my expectations are, they always exceed them.

Plato : chair :: Kitchenett : scrambled eggs

I kid you not.
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