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Cheap, fun date ideas for tomorrow night in Chicago.

I'm trying to come up with some cheap, fun, and creative ideas for tomorrow night in Chicago. Googling cheap date ideas has given me some great suggestions, but the problem is that they're all for the daytime and we won't be getting together until 5 or 6 pm. I'd also really like to take advantage of something that is unique to Chicago.

To give you an idea of what we like to do, on previous dates we've seen plays, explored Rogers Park, cooked for each other, walked by the lake, and watched an old A&E miniseries. Things we've discussed doing include a Buffy marathon, kayaking on the Chicago river, and taking a roadtrip. We're definitely up for something we've never done before or things that are a little unconventional.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Have you seen Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind yet?
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Yes, do that. Too Much Light. It's awesome. Ticket price depends on the roll of a die.
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roller derby! last match of the regular season at UIC.
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Second City could be an option too.
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Roller skating. Why watch it when you can do it? It's not in Rogers Park but supposedly 28 miles away:
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And as always, Gapers Block lists plenty of fun events for Saturday, including the history of chop suey and the National Tap Day Festival.

But yeah, go to roller derby. I'll be there!
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Eamondaly beat me to it on the Gapers Block calendar (full disclosure: my site)!
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D'oh! I forgot to mention that part. Sorry, MeFi's own me3dia!
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Thirding Too Much Light.
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Whatever you do, eat at Feed. If you are not vegetarian (it's quite chicken centric). Located at Chicago Ave and California. There's a neighborhood bar nearby called (?) that isn't all that great, but lots of people like it for some reason (so I mention it here).

Bite and Empty Bottle are uniquely Chicago and are located next door to each other on 1035 N. Western Ave. Connected by a door yet operating individually, Bite is a small, neighborhood cafe (partially vegetarian, always tasty) and The Bottle is an interesting venue for live music.

Or go to Millennium Park. 201 E. Randolf. It's architecture, music, gardens, sculpture (the bean) and fun to walk around now that it's (kind of muggy and cold) springtime.

And it's walking distance from the Art Institute. Among a million other things (very inexpensive to enjoy) architectural wonders in the loop - for instance, the Monadnock Building, to name one.

Have fun!
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improv olympic has good cheap shows too.

and i nth roller derby. i went recently to see a friend dance at half time and it was incredibly fun. (queefer sutherland was my favorite derby girl name)
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