I like to drink wine and play with my dogs.
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Please help me find a dog friendly place to stay in Wine Country: Napa, Sonoma or Paso Robles

I'm looking for a weekend place to go stay in Wine Country. It must accept my two small dogs (less than 22lbs each; well trained, friendly jack-russells; 4yrs and 7yrs old).

I'd like to stay at winery, bed and breakfast, or nice hotel. It can be off the beaten path, but should be within driving distance (20min or less) of wineries.

I'm looking for specific recommendations based on your experience, not sites that just list dog friendly places; I already know I can stay at a Hampton Inn.

Bonus points for affordability.
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We have taken our (much larger) dog along to stay at the Beazley House in Napa. It was a really charming B&B, easy to walk to dinner in town and convenient to wineries. And they love dogs.
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Boon Hotel in Guerneville is dog friendly, although not super cheap (not that anything in, near, or "near" wine country is). I have not stayed there myself, but friends have and loved it.
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Response by poster: Those are both good recommendations, neither of them, however, have my dates available. :)
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Central California Coast recommendations:

I was going to recommend The Adelaide Inn in Paso Robles, but I just saw that they don't take pets. For us two-legged folks, though it's a truly nice place to stay.

Although not in Paso Robles, I can also strongly recommend The Quality Suites, San Luis Obispo, which, though part of a chain, is an exceptional value and has some of the nicest, most helpful staff I've encountered. Large, clean rooms; comfy beds; generous and tasty breakfast buffet (included); complimentary glass of wine or soda during happy hour; nice pool; etc. I can't tell from their web site of they are pet-friendly, but we've stayed their several times with kids and they have always been wonderful to us.
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The SLO Quality Suites is No Pets Allowed.
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Oops. Nevermind, then.
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Best answer: North of Wine Country, but close to Anderson Valley which is also a wine country, are Sheep Dung Properties. I've been wanting to take my dogs there forever as it's super dog-friendly, has lots of open space for dogs to run around and play in, and just looks like a cool place all around. If you go, let me know how it is as I've been wanting to take my dogs there.
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The Russian River is dotted with lovely cottages for rent, many of which accept dogs. There's a site here, but if you just google "russian river rentals dogs", you'll find lots more. There are nearly a hundred wineries within close range. My JRT likes to visit wineries too.
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