Why do some web sites fail to load when I'm using a VPN?
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Why do some web sites fail to load when I'm using a VPN?

In anticipation of doing a lot of work from unprotected wireless networks, I just started testing a VPN service and have noticed that quite a few web sites (i.e. CoTweet, all 37Signals products) won't load at all when it's enabled.

I'd appreciate any insight into why that might be the case and whether there might be a solution. Thanks!
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You might first try narrowing down the problem: is it DNS resolution, or connectivity? And if the latter, then what does tracert say?

But that aside it sounds like if you're paying for a service you aren't getting a very good value if it doesn't work reliably; there are many alternatives, so maybe take your business elsewhere?
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Some websites have problems with abuse originating from anonymous-proxy IP addresses - for example, Wikipedia blocks IP addresses for vandalism and doesn't make exceptions for open proxies.

It's possible you're caught in a block put in place in response to abuse by other users of your proxy server.
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What do these websites have in common. If they're all https connections to logged in systems... I think you found the problem.
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