Looking for Penelope SpheerisMovies to buy or rent.
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I'm looking for two movies directed by Penelope Spheeris. Specifically, Hollywierd and We sold our Souls for Rock n' Roll.

I'm in New York City, and I've tried all of the movie rental places I can think of, including all of the Kim's video location, as well as scouring the internet. No luck. I'm hoping someone here on Mefi can help me out.
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posted by bamassippi at 1:40 PM on February 21, 2005

Yeah, I've checked there. They don't link to anyplace that i can either purchase or rent these movies.
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Do you know if these movies have ever been released on video in any form? If they have, you might start poking around some tape-trading forums. (I don't know of any, but I do know they exist, as I have friends who deal with them frequently.) So far as I understand, these things work as their name suggests they work: you offer to tape something in exchange for something else.

You might start with this Google search query and work your way from there.
Good luck!
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Quite possibly they have not been released on video... I'm at the point where I'm going to try and call the Penelope Spheeris Productions themselves and see if I can get a reel.
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