How can I buy tunes for my brother?
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It's my brother's birthday tomorrow (his 21st!), and I know that he is getting an iPod. I would like to buy him a gift voucher that he can redeem for some tunes, but am getting stuck...

I've been to the Apple Store UK website, and tried to buy a gift certificate there. I am on a PC running XP, and can't access the link to gift certificates, which is supposed to be this

I don't know much about this brave new world of intangible music storage, so I am at a loss - can anyone help me access the link, or failing that, is there anywhere else where I could buy him a tunes voucher? I probably need a £sterling one (both of us are in the UK), but given the pound/dollar exchange rate, I might just try getting him one from the US store.
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Target also has iTunes GC at their register. Good Luck!
posted by eggerspretty at 11:26 AM on February 21, 2005

Consider as well a subscription to eMusic, but this will only work if his tastes are on the more esoteric side.
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Yeah, I think you need to install iTunes and buy gift certificates within it.
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Would a Napster voucher work for an iPod? You can buy those in the post office (in the UK), I discovered today.
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I'm pretty sure that the only DRM'd music that will work with the iPod is from iTunes (so punilux's suggestion of Napster would not work).
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Yes, comment completely rescinded. I just went to the Napster site, and well, is it any wonder that people use p2p? Good grief. Sorry for the bum steer.
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I live in Southern California (Newport Beach), and the 7/11 stores in my area have iTunes gift cards, as well.
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Honestly I would get him a gift certificate to a bricks-and-mortar music store. Buying actual CDs with booklets and jewel cases is more satisfying, especially as it's a gift. At least that's how it seems to me.
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