Vouch for a Disney appraisal service?
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I'm looking for a reliable Disney appraiser.

My mom has a fairly good-quality Walt Disney–signed drawing of an iconic Disney character. I'm not really into the whole Disney cult scene, but it seems like this might have some value (hundreds? thousands? not quitting our day jobs or anything).

First, do you have something similar, and how much is it worth? Second, and my real question, do you know of an official Disney appraiser? I don't think the general auction houses around us would necessarily know this item's worth, but I could be wrong. Oh, and is there a process to get it authenticated or something?

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Disney Autographs

This site is extremely informative and interesting.

Dozens of Walt Disney's employees were given permission to sign his name...

Just googled it though. I have no experience.
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Give Barker Animation a try. They're in CT, but the guy who owns it knows EVERYTHING about cartoons, animation and Disney stuff.
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Here's more information about the owners of Barker Animation.
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lakerk is right. Phil Sears of Phil-Sears.com is the leading authority on Walt Disney autographs. I'm not sure if he does appraisal's however.

The other guy I recommend is Gary Sohmers whom you may know from Antique Roadshow.
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Thank you all!
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