Where should I have my birthday drinks?
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I'm having birthday drinks in a few weeks and am looking for a lower Manhattan bar that tends to attract a crowd of people in their mid-20s and older. I'm not interested in dive bars, extremely upscale bars or bars with DJs/musical acts. Just a relaxed venue for me and my friends to spend a few hours on a Saturday night. Ideally, the bar should be below 14th St. Any suggestions?
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Just was at Swift for a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a perfect spot for something like this. Very relaxed vibe, friendly crowd, not too young.
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It's on the low-to-mid-range of the divey-to-swank scale, but my brother had a really fun 27th birthday at the Musical Box in the East Village last year. Very laid back, with ample seating (couches and such in the back room) and a back deck. Not crowded at all, even on a Saturday night, and a relaxed, friendly crowd.
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Little Branch.
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I went to a MeFi meetup at Vol de Nuit on West 4th Street and really liked it.
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The meetups at Revival have always been pretty good too. It's just above 14th, but close to Union Square and thus very accessible.
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Seconding Swift. It's one of my favorite spots in NY.

If your crowd is really into beer and scotch, I suggest dba.
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Seconding Vol de Nuit -- especially if you have any smokers in your crew (there's a center courtyard where you can sit outside)
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I like B Flat - they have jazz on Mondays and Wednesdays, but no live music the other nights.
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The Magician and The Radio Bar are cool, low-key nice-not-too-nice places.

Botantica is also one of my favorites.
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Little Branch gets a little crowded on weekends (opens at 7pm) and late-comers to the party might get stuck outside, waiting in line.
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It falls more towards the Dive end than the upscale end of the spectrum, but The Magician is kind of a default birthday party/meetup spot that can be less crowded on a Saturday night than some other options.
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Fat Cat can get a little nuts when they have live music, or if its an NYU-heavy crowd on a given night. I would disagree that its a "relaxed venue".

Musical Box in alphabet city sounds like a great spot, right in line with the original request.
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I came in to recommend Swift as well, so... I'll just nth it instead. The waitstaff is very pleasant and helpful, and the back room is lovely for a birthday celebration, big or small.
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registering a third for vol de nuit... though all the recommendations make me want to go out to swift next time I'm down there.
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