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I've set up some clients with fairly complex Wordpress sites and now I have to teach them how to use the Wordpress back-end. I'm looking for any good tutorials and print-outs that would help someone with zero wp or CMS experience to do simple things like write/edit Posts and Pages, add images or youtube videos to a Post, enter data into custom keys. Basically, equip them so they can maintain the site on a day-to-day basis.

I will be going over all these things in person, but would like to leave them something they could refer to.
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If they're using Windows, perhaps they'd be more comfortable using Windows Live Writer. It's very user friendly, and enables all of the scenarios you mention.
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WP Beginners Guide
Wordpress TV has some good videos, e.g. Writing and publishing a post.
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I've used information from the codex before. Writing Posts, for example. You'll probably have to do some cutting, copying and tweaking to make it applicable to your customisations, but it's a good starting point. I also find that some marked-up screenshots really go a long way to helping new users learn to navigate the back-end.
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Ithemes has some Tutorials (including videos).
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There are some resources that might be helpful in the wp4lib wiki. I have successfully taught a lot of technophobic people to write posts on WordPress sites, and I second what Magnakai says about marked-up screenshots. The one big difficulty is that WP tends to change its backend quite a bit with some of its upgrades, so you might want to wait till 3.0 comes out (supposedly later this month) before you start making things like that.
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