Short Boxed Beard & short hair?
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I have a "Short Boxed Beard" (as per this pic), which I like, and long hair which just isn't working. Can anyone point me to some photographs of short hair that works well with this style of beard? Thanks.
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Kenny Rogers
Kenny Loggins
no i am not kidding
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George Carlin, too
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Maybe like Paul Kinsey from Mad Men (played by Michael Gladis)?
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How old are you/how professional are you trying to look? I've gotten away with both this and this while wearing a beard like that.
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speaking as a heterosexual(ish) female, you really can't go wrong with anything George Clooney has done in his entire life. Examples 1, 2, 3
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I will 2nd the Clooney.
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Oh, there's also the Greg Nog look, which rocketh.
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I just came in to say George Clooney and was going to point to desjardins #1 photo. And as a big Flaming Queer Gal even I think he's hot stuff. So A+++

I'll also weigh in with Ryan Reynolds.

Robin Williams.

Ryan Goslin.

Jake Gyllenhaal.

And you can avoid lots of bad choices by checking out
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I'd go with either the Clooney or griphus's first picture, depending on your age/professional status.
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The shape of your face and head are vitally important to the haircut you choose. Look for photos of people with shapes like yours. If you choose a hairstyle that doesn't fit your face, it won't look right on you...

This site is not necessarily safe for work, but will provide you with 104 pages of beard photos, many of which are considered 'attractive' some of which are novel and others just eccentric and bizarre.

There are many beard tumblr sites, G**gle 'beard tumblr' to find them, don't forget the 'd.'
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Came in to suggest Greg Nog. Not surprised it has already been done. Other NYC mefites (and former mefites) with beards who have great hair: defenestration, Optimus Chyme.

And, yes, you should definitely check out

(Why, yes, I do like beards. Quite a bit, thank you.)
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IMHO the only guy that gets away with that beard
(out of necessity)
is Kevin Smith and he sports a mullet with it.
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You can always shave your head; that's what I do, and I have a short boxed beard. Then again, I'm not trying to look sexy, I'm just lazy and balding.
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My dad totally rocks that style of beard. Although I could think he looks totally awesome because he is my father and I am fond of my father. But he totally rocks it.

You can see a couple pictures of him if you search my flickr photostream (linked in my profile) for portraits.
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I haven't seen too many bad examples where going shorter hurt someone. You don't have to shave it all of, but 99.9% of the guys I know (including myself, probably) look better going down to a #1 or #2 guard all over. That plus a beard equals win.
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Sorry, forgot an example.
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Alternatively, you could go Riker. Seems to have some sort of...unknown...attraction.
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Yeah, my hair is currently more or less the same length and style as The Cloon's, and that seems to work for me and my beard. The other benefit of this is that when it's that short and uncomplicated, it's fairly easy to cut it myself; if you have an electric beard-trimmer with different length settings, you can pretty much use one of the longer settings on that for the back and side of the head, then use scissors on the top if you want it to be a wee bit longer there. HAIRCUT MONEY = SAVED
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Thanks everyone.

I picked a style I liked and the hairdresser mostly ignored it anyway :-/

Still, it's certainly no worse than what I had and a lot more manageable.
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