Help us turn Manhattan into an island of joy (with a four-month old).
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Mr. Brunette and I are headed to Manhattan this week with our four-month old for a three-day excursion. We've already seen this so we think we've got the car seat/cab thing sussed but we're still seeking tips for making the most of a hot, long weekend. Considering the kid won't remember any of this, we're aiming to do things that we'll enjoy but that also are suitable for carting around the baby and snap and go stroller. We're staying on the Upper West Side and are keen to visit the MoMA, Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim. Debating the Circle Line cruise and wondering how this is best done (if at all) with long lines, car seat, etc. Also, any tips on vegetarian, baby friendly restaurants? Thanks!
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Having just done the Circle Line (at the beginning of this month), I would say skip it. The lines are extremely long, and even with advance tickets we wound up having to wait for several hours to get on the boat. And when you're standing in line there, you're standing in a parking lot with no shade or anything.
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Response by poster: Forgot to note that I am still nursing so if anyone has tips on good places to do so (e.g., dedicated nursing or changing rooms at museums/sites), they'd be most appreciated!
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Just a quick note on the Guggenhiem. Make it your first stop of the day, try to arrive 20 minutes before opening. It crowds up something fierce within an hour and you can end up waiting almost the same just for tickets. Plus all the people make it a bit more difficult to enjoy the art or push the stroller.
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Greetings! (Sorry, couldn't resist).

I encourage everyone spending any time in New York to go to The Cloisters. It's a pleasant ride up the subway to the lovely, green tip of Manhattan and an awesome, quiet collection of medieval pieces. I think it should be pretty stroller friendly, but you can always call and ask.
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Best answer: Here's a recent article on good places to nurse in NYC. Personally, I just use any seat/bench anywhere and haven't run into problems. The site it's published at,, is a great resource for baby-friendly events, too. As is the Time Out NY Kids Twitter feed -- they list street fairs and other sources of fun for little ones. Sorry for the lack of links, but I'm on an iPhone and it would take hours... But, the restaurant Pain Quotidien is my go-to place for vegetarian and baby/stroller friendly -- they have locations all over the city. GustOrganics on 6th Ave and 13th St is also baby/veg friendly.

In my experience, changing tables are hard to come by... often I just used the stroller in a recline position or an unfoldable fabric/pad on the ground or a bench. There's an iPhone app called iKidNY that has a changing table directory, but I haven't used it, so I don't know how comprehensive it is.

One outing that my baby and I have enjoyed is Chelsea galleries (most are on the ground floor or in elevator buildings, plus a walk along the Highline (stroller entrance on 16th St at 9th Ave), and snacks at Chelsea Market (across from the Highline entrance). The galleries are much less crowded than the museums, which makes things easier.

If you've got a comfortable sling, do bring it! I use mine way more than I use the stroller, for better navigating small spaces and the subway. But it does rule out taxi rides.
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