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Where to park near the Paradise in Boston?

I've seen the question about parking for the Pearl Jam show at the Garden, but the cool kids are going to see the Buzzcocks playing their first two albums at the Paradise.

We're driving in from western Mass. and won't be able to get there until 9 or so, so I'm hoping there's a close place to park. The Paradise website is unhelpful. Free street parking is great, lots or garages are fine. We would just prefer to get in and out of the area quickly, since it's a long drive home.

Bonus question: Where is the best spot to view the stage at the Paradise, especially for my 5"5' girlfriend?
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Whatever you do, don't park in the glass shop parking lot across the street. They tow.
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There's a public parking garage here. That's probably your best bet.

There is also a fair amount of metered street parking on Mass Ave around Paradise, especially further north towards Central.

There's a metered city lot here, although it's often hard to find a spot there.

There is also a blacktop about 5 min walk from Paradise. It's the City of Cambridge's snow dumping lot during the winter. It doesn't appear to have any other official use. I occasionally see people parked there, and I've parked there without getting a ticket. I have no idea if it's a legal place to park - there are no signs to the contrary. I offer no guarantees about your car if you park there, but if you can't find anywhere, else, you can give it a try.
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Oh whoops, you meant the OTHER paradise. Disregard that last.

*backs away slowly into the shadows*
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Best answer: On a Monday night with the Red Sox out of town you should be able to find a metered space right on Comm Ave. If you can't find any spots real close to the club I've always had good luck finding a spot where Comm Ave crosses the Pike. It's a bit of a walk from there but not bad.

If you want a lot there's one on Babcock St right behind the Paradise that would be pretty convenient.

As for prime viewing spots, leaning over the balcony is good. There's also a raised seating area to the right of the stage that has a nice view but you'd have to get there early to get a seat.
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Best answer: You can park alongside Commonwealth Avenue (aka Comm Ave) for free in the evenings. Likewise, Babcock St and Pleasant St have metered parking that doesn't apply after 6 pm. The neighborhood streets are hit or miss- some have restricted parking for residents only, and they ticket at all hours so you are never safe without a parking pass. If you get parking west of the Paradise on Comm Ave, you can always hop on the Green Line inbound, but I imagine you'll get something well within walking distance. I'd avoid going further east than the Paradise itself, because then you are in BU territory.

It will be easy getting back on the Mass Pike via Cambridge street.

The Paradise is sort of a long, skinny venue, so for a short concertgoer it is pretty great. If you are willing to have some distance, there are balcony type tiers on either side of the stage. I like to be close to the band, so I usually stand near the stage. There is a somewhat strange half circle platform, where the floor rises about five inches. I'd say it extends about nine feet from in front of the stage. As long as you get on to this elevated section, you'll have an awesome view.
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The last time I went to the Paradise, it was for a sold out show, and I had no problem parking on Commonwealth less than a block away. Have fun!
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If you're interested in perhaps catching members of PJ after their show, they've been known to head here...
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