iPhone app, create thyself.
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Where can I go to pay someone to create a basic iPhone app?

I want to create a simple database driven iPhone app. Is there a place I can go to just contract someone to create it inexpensively? I would like to own the rights to the finished product, but don't care thatttt much. Should I just go to elance?
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Rentacoder is another site for hiring coders. You could put an add on jobs.metafilter.com too.
posted by delmoi at 7:46 AM on May 17, 2010

I write apps for various platforms including iPhone... you can memail me if you like.
posted by lowlife at 8:44 AM on May 17, 2010

I think Mefi's ignignokt may be in this business. (This impression is based on reading his tweet's; I'm not sure he actually does this kind of work.)
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