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So I'm looking for a place to take cool photos in DC this week, and I don't want any more photos of the national phallus.

Basically go nuts - so, DC or somewhere somewhat nearby - close enough to get to on a weekday, and close to, maybe, a place to eat or get drinks? So what's interesting in the area? For reference, I live in the Columbia Heights area and work just a bit south. I'm thinking maybe the national park seminary?
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Teddy Roosevelt island and the National Arboretum are good places to take pictures. TR Island is close to that part of Arlington around the Clarendon metro stop, so there's lots of food & drink there.
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The Vietnam Woman's Memorial is touching. You might also have fun at the National Gallery of Art's sculpture garden.
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Depends on what you want to take pictures of, but I used to walk around Georgetown (M street area, not the neighborhood-y parts, though those could be good for nature-y shots) some weekends (especially when in search of inspiration). Lots of interesting architecture, lots of bright colors, and often some interesting people, too.
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Hains Point -- although I don't think the Awakening qualifies as a "pretty thing," it's definitely photographable.
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The Awakening was moved to National Harbor a while back.

I haven't been to the Seminary in many, many years but it was a wonderful place to photograph. Are you looking for people-watching? Nature? Architecture?
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You can combine CharlieSue's suggestion with a visit to the grounds at Dumbarton Oaks.
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Rock Creek Cemetery

National Cathedral
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The Awakening was moved to National Harbor a while back.

I've been away too long :(

Eastern Market is always chockablock with photo-ops, and of course a ton of good stuff to eat.
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go to Old Towne, and then out to Mt. Vernon and take pictures along the GW parkway. For a different scene for drinks and people watching, go to Shirlington, in Arlington
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The courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery is pretty cool.
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The Library of Congress has some fantastic interiors. Lemme know when you're coming, and you might even get a tour.
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Having been beaten to suggesting Roosevelt Island, I'll suggest you could snap some shots of planes coming in at Gravelly Point and maybe enjoy some of the Mt. Vernon Trail.
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adams morgan might work for you for pictures of neon signs/wall murals/people photography.

the woodley park zoo might be a good bet if you are so inclined.
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You could head out to silver spring if you have a car or just want to walk from metro... lots of old weird businesses on Georgia ave, Colesvillle and etc. Then head down to Sligo creek park for nature shots. Say hi to my childhood while yr there!
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This totally violates your no-national-phallus clauses, but I was down in DC last summer, and the best thing I did the whole time was watch the sun rise from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. You can do the cliche shot of the phallus over the reflecting pool, get some great light on Lincoln, and you're close to the Vietnam Memorial as well in the good light.

Seriously, though, watching the sunrise from those steps was amazing.
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The VietNam or Korean War Memorials
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For reference, I live in the Columbia Heights area and work just a bit south.

I know it's so obvious it hardly bears mentioning, but Meridian Hill (Malcolm X) Park is right there.
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Walk down P/Q street from DuPont to Georgetown; lots of awesome houses and mansions, make your destination the Exorcist Steps at the end of M street in Georgetown.

The Spanish Steps near the Textile Museum in upper DuPont?

Dupont Circle at either sunrise or sunset... (chess players?)

Rock Creek Park?

U Street?

Your favorite bar?
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It certainly isn't pretty, but the Florida Market is undoubtedly unique.
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We were at the Uptown Theater yesterday, and I noticed that the alley on the north side of the building had all sorts of interesting angles and colors.
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I'm rather late to the party and my knowledge of DC geography is almost non-existent (I apologize if these are too far afield), but if you find yourself looking for more photo destinations The House of the Temple (near Dupont Circle) and the George Washington National Masonic Memorial (Across the river in Alexandria, Virginia, easily accessible via metro) offer some interesting photographic opportunities. Free admission at both.
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