How to find new media events in NYC?
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I’m looking to get hooked into information about any and all electronic or new media arts and cultural events happening in and around New York City. This includes games, video installations, small time hobbyist classes. What mailing lists and blogs should I be subscribed to and/or following? (I'm aaware of True Chip Till Death, Eyebeam, Figment NYC Resistor and 3rd Ward.)
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Best answer: Nonsense NYC:
Nonsense NYC is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in New York City.
What kind of stuff?
Street events, loft parties, puppet shows, bike rallys, costume balls, interactive art shows, movies in unusual places, parades, outlaw dancing, guerilla theater, burlesque and variety shows, loser open mikes, cirkuses, and absurdist pranks. Nonsense covers the stuff that has no name, or a name that you feel really awkward and self-conscious saying out loud, like "underground."
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Best answer: 2nding Nonsense (which I found out through MeFi too!)

Also this thread: How do you keep up with NYC's events?
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