Recommend some travel-related shows.
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Recommend some travel-related shows.

I'm looking for recommendations on travel shows. Specifically, I'm looking for ones that follow one or two people doing interesting things around the world.

Stuff like:

Long Way 'Round/Down
By Any Means
No Reservations
Bizarre Foods get the picture!

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Three Sheets
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Departures. I'm not a big fan of one of the "hosts", but the guy behind the camera is amazing.
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Michael Palin has done a handful of awesome travel shows where he does interesting things around the world. His Around the World in 80 Days and Pole to Pole are particularly awesome, but everything he's done is very entertaining.
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Globe Trekker on PBS is my favorite.
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We just watched an episode of Dhani Tackles The Globe (sports star does local sports in different countries) and it was surprisingly charming. Glutton For Punishment was also fun.
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Insomniac, with Dave Attell wandering through cities in the middle of the night - fairly old but I think at least some episodes are available on DVD.

And there are a ton of shows like this on British television that are worth watching.

Greatest Cities of the World with Griff Rhys Jones just started its second series - he goes to various cities and does a '24 hour day' with locals.

Feasts, on the BBC was a short series with a food writer going to food-related festivals in Japan, India, and Mexico.

And Jamie Oliver's new "Jamie Does..." series is shaping up nicely - like No Reservations with a little less attitude.

All of these are fairly easy to find online if you know where to look - if you don't, memail me...
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Man vs. Food (although that's strictly America.)
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Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Usually revolves around food but there is always plenty of local flavor.
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Seconding, Feasts (presented by the golden-haired child from Led Zepplin's - Houses of the Holy). YouTube has the Mexican episode if you'd like a taste.
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Rick Steves' Europe, Globe Trekker, and Burt Wolf's Travels & Traditions, all on PBS.
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