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I'm looking to develop a comprehensive list of movies about writers. I have a pretty good list that includes the likes of 'Wonder Boys', 'The Hours', 'Mrs. Parker', 'Capote' and the like. However, I know there are many small indie films that fly under the radar every year, some probably about writers. Even if you think I already have it on my list - tell me your favorite movies about writers. Thanks!
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Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer is one, obviously.
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Deconstructing Harry.
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What about the The Shining
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Misery & Something's Gotta Give
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Stranger Than Fiction
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Secret Window
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Synecdoche, New York is about a playwright.
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Great suggestions - several of these weren't on my list. 'Hunger' is a great catch, thanks. Movies about real flesh and blood writers such as 'Capote' would be appreciated as well.
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Starting Out in the Evening is an excellent, understated indie movie.
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Naked Lunch
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There's a documentary that is just about to be released called Bad Writing, which features interviews with several modern authors, including David Sedaris.
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An Angel at my Table (directed by Jane Campion, about Janet Frame)
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Stand By Me, sort of. Possibly more apparent in the novela. Guess I'll have to rewatch it to remember!
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Nora is about the early days of the relationship between James Joyce and his partner Nora Barnacle. It's not a particularly great movie, but it's enjoyable if you are a Joyce fan and/or inclined to enjoy sex scenes involving Ewen McGregor.
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Sylvia, Mishima.
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Bright Star, also directed by Jane Campion, about John Keats.
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Some of my favorites:

Total Ecplise: about the 19th cent French poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud.

Carrington: primarily about the painter Dora Carrington, but also about the writer Lytton Strachey and the Bloomsbury Group.

The Pillow Book: Told through passages and stories from the author Sei Shōnagon. Very much about writing.

Naked Lunch: About William S. Burroughs in as much as his book was sorta autobiographical.
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Barton Fink
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Impromptu - Judy Davis plays writer George Sand

Romancing the Stone - Kathleen Turner's character is a romance novelist.

Bright Star - about poet Keats if you include poets on your list.

Henry & June - Anais Nin and Henry Miller

Becoming Jane - Jane Austen

Shakespeare in Love
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charles bukowski, a film about his life
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The Door in the Floor and Margot at the Wedding both feature main characters who are writers (and assholes) though writing is not the focus of the films. The parents in The Squid and the Whale are writers.
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Dedication is about a children's book writer. It wasn't as bad as you think it would be.
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There's "Finding Forrester" with Sean Connery.
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The World According to Garp.
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Finding Neverland - Peter Pan author J.M Barrie

Miss Potter - Beatrix Potter
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Leave her to heaven (1945), about a writer and the psychotic girl he marries.

In a lonely place (1950), about a screenwriter accused of murdering a girl.
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You don't specify if you are looking for movies about real writers or fictitious writers.

I came in to suggest Shadowlands, about C. S. Lewis, but will also mention DeathTrap which is about fictitious screenwriters.
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Moulin Rouge
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I don't know if I'd call them my favorites, but if you're looking to add to the list:

Iris - Bio-pic about novelist Iris Murdoch, but less about her writing than about her late struggles with Alzheimer's.

Adaptation - A weirdly fictionalized account about Charlie Kaufman's adaptation of Susan Orlean's real non-fiction book The Orchid Thief.

Little Women - Tons of versions, out there, but (like the book) most are semi-autobiographical Louisa May Alcott accounts of trying to make it as a young, female writer, no?
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François Ozon's Swimming Pool (2003) is all about writing, in its own crafty way.
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I haven't seen it, but The Last Station is about Tolstoy.
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Henry and June (about Anaïs Nin and Henry Miller)
Barton Fink
Wilde (Oscar Wilde, natch)
Infamous (I preferred this to Capote, personally; Toby Jones is amazing)
Stranger Than Fiction (eh; not great)
Naked Lunch (Cronenberg does Burroughs)
An Angel at my Table (about New Zealand author Janet Frame)
My Brilliant Career (about female Australian author Miles Franklin)
The Sheltering Sky
Prick Up Your Ears (about Joe Orton)
Sunset Boulevard
Julie & Julia (total fluff, but Meryl Street is great as Julia Childs)
The Dark Half (not great, to be honest)

(I'd love to see your list when it's done.)
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Permanent Midnight.
A Merry War (aka Keep the Aspidistra Flying).
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The Hours
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These are great! Many are already on the list, but many of these are new to me. I'll share the complete list here when it's finished.
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Where the Buffalo Roam
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Death in Venice. About a fictitious writer, based on Thomas Mann's novella. Leaving Las Vegas features an alcoholic scriptwriter.
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Author! Author!
Throw Momma From the Train (Billy Crystal's character)
Dan in Real Life
The Hoax
Lives of Others
Closer (Jude Law's character, book about Natalie Portman's character)
Marley and Me

This is an embarrassing list.
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Secret Window (Stephen King movie with Johnny Depp)
The Accidental Tourist
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Regeneration (also known as Behind the Lines) portrays the meeting of the poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon while they were patients in an asylum during World War I.
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In Sunset Blvd. the male lead, Joe Gillis played by William Holden, is a screenwriter (or did you just want novelists?).
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Bon Voyage
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Il Postino.
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Romantic Comedy (Dudley Moore and Mary Steenburgen are playwrights.)

She's Having a Baby

Down With Love

Sex and the City

Paper Man

Basic Instinct (Sharon Stone's character is an author)

Alex and Emma

She Devil
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The Prize is a somewhat ridiculous Hitchcockian thriller about an American writer who's been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature and becomes involved in Cold War spy shenanigans. It's enjoyable.
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William Hurt's character in 'Smoke' is a writer, if I recall correctly.
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This Boy's Life, based on the memoir by Tobias Wolff
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Oh, that reminds--The Basketball Diaries
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And Quills
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And you could argue the adaptation of Wings of the Dove (fabulous btw, for the last 5 minutes) counts, since Merton is a journalist.
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Check out Reprise.
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American Splendor
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Also: Soapdish.
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Gentlemen Broncos
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Alan Resnais' 1977 film Providence stars an amazing John Gielgud as a dying novelist remembering his family and characters, and confusing the two. Dreamlike and autumnal.

Jeff Bridges plays a dime novelist roped into acting in oaters when he moves to 1920s Hollywood in Hearts of the West (1975.

Michael Caine plays a pulp (1972) novelist. The film reunited him with director Mike Hodges. They made the classic Get Carter (1970) together.

Nicholas Cage plays a screenwriter with a bit of a drinking problem in Leaving Las Vegas.
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Woman of The Year (If you count print journalists as writers)
How to Make/Sew(?) an American Quilt
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The Oscar Wilde biopic with Stephen Fry is fantastic.

Alex and Emma is pretty bad, but it's about a writer. :)
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Surprised not to see The Third Man in the thread already, so I came in to mention it. Definitely one of my favorite movies. It follows a writer (played by Joseph Cotten) trying to piece together what happened to his friend Harry (Orson Welles) in post-WW2 Vienna.

The Third Man was written by Graham Greene, who wrote a few other works with writers as protagonists. The End of the Affair is about a novelist/is based on events in Greene's own life and was produced twice as a movie. I've seen the 1999 Neil Jordan adaptation which made some interesting changes (but I still prefer the novel overall).
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Her Alibi is about a mystery writer.
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The Edge of Love has been on my Netflix Instant Watch queue for a while. It doesn't look that great, but it's about Dylan Thomas! Who doesn't love Dylan Thomas?
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