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My Palm Centro will not sync with a pc. Originally thought that the cable was bad so I bought a new one. However it still will not sync. I have found several fixes on the web, and tried most, but none have worked. The one solution I have not tried yet is a hard reset of the phone. I am afraid that if I still can not sync after a hard reset I will need a new phone. I took the phone to Sprint and their answer was you it will not sync, we can sell you a new phone. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it?
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Sprint's answer is always to buy a new phone.

I haven't used a Palm device in a while*, but if it was working fine and you've made no changes to the software or OS (aside from necessary security updates) and it stopped working, it may be that a hard reset would be your only next step. But whether that will fix it is unknown until you try. However, let me confirm other USB devices are working on your system, and you're plugging the cable directly into the computer and not a hub? If your computer has multiple USB ports try the others. Have you reinstalled the desktop software?

Do you have a friend with a PC where you could try installing the software on and seeing if it will sync? If not, then make sure newer contacts you have in the phone are written down somewhere, cross your fingers and do the hard reset.
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What version of Windows? Palm stopped supporting desktop sync with the Centro after XP or Vista, I think. I have a Centro and it will not sync now that I have Windows 7
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I have it tried on other PCs. The PCs will not even recognize it as being attached. the OS is XP pro.
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Have you tried re-installing the palm software on the PC? That usually works for me.

One other thing - is the hotsync logo showing in your system tray (ie - is the hotsync software active)? Sometimes when I couldn't sync, I noticed that hotsync was not active, and it worked after I started it.

Before you try the hard reset, get a copy of NVBackup and backup the data from your phone onto the card. When I got a new phone (physical problem with the speakers) I backed up before I turned in the old phone, then restored the backup onto the new phone. No problems whatsoever.
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Another thing to try - on your phone, open up the PTunes program. On the PC, open up ITunes. Connect the phone to the PC. Those programs are supposed to talk to each other when the cable is inserted. Maybe this will be a test to see if anything on the PC is recognizing the phone. If it works, then you can try to troubleshoot from there.
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If there's a computer with an IR port available, try syncing it that way. You will need to make sure the IR ports on the palm and PC are both set with beam receive enabled.
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