US Copyright Office borked?
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Is the U.S. Copyright Office's Online Copyright Office borked with Safari?

I'm trying to file for a copyright (PA form) with the U.S. Copyright Office's online system (eCO) but it doesn't seem to be playing nice with me.

I can't tell if the horribly user unfriendly site is just badly built and if there is an incompatibility with my browser (Safari). I set up a user account but haven't received any information sent back to me to tell me my account is activated.

What leads me to believe there may be browser problems is this charming snippet from their site:

NOTE: The Siebel software, upon which eCO is based, has been successfully tested with Netscape Navigator 7.02
and Internet Explorer 6.0 and may work equally well with other desktop web browsers.

(Jeez, what millennium is this? Who optimizes a website for Netscape or IE anymore?)

Should I just file the old fashioned way, with paper? Or is there a better way to interact with the eCO?
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How far along can you get? I get as far as signing up for a login and then it hangs when I click the "finished" button. Is there some reason you haven't tried Firefox? Is that option available to you?
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Response by poster: I just removed Firefox for reasons which I can't seem to remember. I think it was a speed issue. But Safari is only getting me as far as the login, nothing else seems to happen after that.
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Response by poster: It appears that maybe the site is just down as I installed Google Chrome and am having the same difficulties. I guess it's paper and snail mail then. (Also, it's form CO as PA seems to have been phased out)
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Response by poster: Okay, nevermind. I finally got it figured out with Google Chrome. Yay, Chrome!
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