NYC tax accountant?
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Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced tax accountant in NYC or environs?
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Dave Spaulding at Flowers and Becker LLP. Great guy, very experienced, totally steady nerves, works with all kinds of individuals and small businesses. Call for a price quote (I "inherited" Dave when I married my wife, and we may get preferential rates as old clients; dunno.)
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Are you talking personal taxes, or business taxes? I can actually give you recommendations for either--my e-mail's in my profile if you're still looking.
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My spouse and I actually use H and R Block and I have to say it is painless and we always get a refund. I had used a private accountant before and at this point with a simple married filing jointly I will continue until life gets more complicated. You did not say if your tax situation is apparently simple or not.
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